About FLJ Second Hand

The love of second hand has been a friend of mine for a long time now. As a teenager I roamed around thrift shops near my home town in search for clothes no one else were wearing.

As I've gotten older buying second hand has become a life style. I love the ethical, environmentally friendly and economical aspects of thrifting. And I think it is very creative. To visit thrift stores and to buy second hand is for me inspiration to start reusing and remaking.

Since my teens I have been especially mesmerized by second hand clothing. I have treasures in my wardrobe, I call the wardrobe my museum. It is not just old rags, it's history. Every garment has a story. I am fascinated by great design, good quality fabrics, colours, patterns and so on.

Here in this Second Hand Shop you can find treasures of your own to take home. Maybe you too love the stories and colours of a certain century, but dislike the search in overloaded second hand shops or cold thrift shop attics. Well, I have done that work for you and you can just enjoy wearing the garment.

Hope you find something you like!
Sofie / Fia Lotta Jansson Second Hand